Pro-Wellness PW390 - Blu Retail Group
Pro-Wellness PW390 - Blu Retail Group
Pro-Wellness PW390 - Blu Retail Group
Pro-Wellness PW390 - Blu Retail Group
Pro-Wellness PW390 - Blu Retail Group
Pro-Wellness PW390 - Blu Retail Group
Pro-Wellness PW390 - Blu Retail Group
Pro-Wellness PW390 - Blu Retail Group
Pro-Wellness PW390 - Blu Retail Group

Pro-Wellness PW370

Blu Retail Group

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Each of us tries to find the perfect way to deal with tensions, stress, and fatigue. How many people, so many methods. Some require a lot of time, other appropriate conditions, yet other proper settings. However, there is a way that brings relaxation and relief to everyone. In a large, comfortable massage chair PW390, stress and tensions are forgotten. In an instant everything changes. Every day brings new sensations. Increasingly subtle, deep and unforgettable. The perfect massage of the back, buttocks, feet, and calves harmonizes your body, giving vital functions vitality and inner energy. In the horizontal position of the massage chair, you align yourself with the vibrations of the Earth, feeling that you are overcome by total happiness and bliss. You will not forget these moments. This energy will be with you, supporting you,

Massage chair Pro-Wellness 390 is a perfect choice for people suffering from back problems or simply looking for a moment of blissful relaxation. This remarkable piece of furniture and a restoration office in one uses professional back massage techniques to heal your body. The chair allows you to manually adjust the intensity, width, and location of the massage. You can also choose one of the specially prepared 15-minute programs. 

To ensure full comfort of use, the adjustment of the backrest angle and the height of the footrest has been introduced. Everything is controlled by remote control.

Automatic programs:

  • Relax - a 15-minute relaxation massage on the back, thighs, calves, and feet. It is especially recommended for people who are exhausted and overworked because it allows you to calm down, relax and rest after a hard day.
  • Therapy - a 15-minute health massage for the whole body. It eliminates pain and improves muscle flexibility.
  • Air - a 15-minute air massage on the thighs, buttocks, calves, and feet. An excellent treatment for tired legs, thanks to 15 airbags and vibrating mechanisms.

5 back massage techniques:

  • kneading
  • knocking
  • kneading with tapping
  • rolling
  • Swedish massage

Remote Control

The intuitive remote control is located on a tripod next to the armrest. The remote control provides easy access to all functions of the chair and displays remaining massage time.

Other functions:

  • air massage on thighs, buttocks, calves, and feet
  • regulation of massage intensity
  • regulation of massage width
  • regulation of massage speed
  • setting a point massage and party
  • Electrically and independently folded backrest and footrest
  • automatic folding of the chair
  • Vibrating and pulsating massage in the seat
  • removable filter regulating the strength of the back massage
  • wheels for convenient movement
  • "window" for a more intensive neck and neck massage


Power consumption 250 W
Weight 61 kg
dimensions -
Sitting position approx. W 75 cm x height 120 cm x depth 137 cm
Position completely spread approx. W 75 cm x H 65 cm x D.194 cm

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