Bolero Massage Chair - Blu Retail Group
Bolero Massage Chair - Blu Retail Group
Bolero Massage Chair - Blu Retail Group
Bolero Massage Chair - Blu Retail Group
Bolero Massage Chair - Blu Retail Group
Bolero Massage Chair - Blu Retail Group
Bolero Massage Chair - Blu Retail Group

Bolero Massage Chair

Blu Retail Group

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Bolero is an armchair that certainly will not rest, but you will be sure thanks to him. He is very family-oriented, and each of the household members, be it small or large, will not be able to deny himself the pleasure of being alone with him. The Bolero armchair as a member of the family generously repays with all its advantages. And he has a lot of them. It easily selects the best massage option for you - from the nape to the tip of the fingers.

The Bolero armchair is a combination of a great-looking, modern TV chair with the functions of a professional masseur. Its appearance does not reveal the enormity of its massage capabilities, and thanks to the super-comfortable seat, the electric folding to the Zero Gravity position and the function of a flat footrest will certainly be the most comfortable piece of furniture in your home.

7 automatic programs:

The Bolero massaging chair has 7 automatic massage programs that perform a body scan before each massage session by individually adjusting the massage to the user's height. The duration of the program is adjustable in the range of 5/10/15/25/30 minutes.

  • Stretching program
  • Health Program
  • Deep Massage Program
  • Relaxation Program
  • Regenerative Program
  • Fast massage program
  • The Air Massage Program

9 back massage techniques

  • Kneading
  • Ostukiwanie1
  • Ostukiwanie2
  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish massage1
  • Swedish massage2
  • Kneading with Blindness1
  • Kneading with Blindness2
  • rolling

Leg massage

The Bolero armchair has an innovative footrest that fulfills a dual role, ie a flat leg support or a comprehensive calf and foot massager. It offers an extensive leg massage system based on variable pressure carried out by numerous airbags located around the user's foot and calves. The above massage functions can be adjusted for the pressure of pressure. Additionally, thanks to the adjustment of the length of the footrest and the angle of the foot in relation to the calf - the chair's construction can be adapted to the anatomy of the user. 

Manual control

Bolero is equipped with a modern head that professionally maps 9 different massage techniques. The chosen massage technique can be attached on the entire back section, at any point or on the 12cm section. Selected massage techniques can be adjusted in the range of speed, intensity and width of the massage.

Heat therapy The

additional function of the Bolero seat is heating the lumbar region, which heats the deeper tissues, relaxes the muscles and facilitates the massage performed by the massage heads. The maximum heating temperature is felt after about 3 minutes after switching on. Infrared heating relieves muscle pain, supports the treatment of injuries or circulatory disorders. The back heating in the Bolero seat can be used both during and without massage, eg during relaxation in the optimal rest position Zero Gravity. 

Other functions:

  • retractable, adjustable as to the length of the footrests
  • electrically folding backrest together with the seat
  • independently, electrically adjustable footrest
  • 2nd position Zero Gravity
  • pause function
  • window for intensive neck and neck massage
  • wheels for moving
  • comfortable, super soft seat
  • removable filter regulating the strength of the back massage
  • carbon finish
  • back heating function

    Neutral body position - Zero Garvity

    The Zero Gravity position is a natural body position that results from our construction and the exact arrangement of joints and ligaments. This position greatly reduces pressure on the spine and relieves muscle tension.

    "Natural body position" was developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Agency. NASA was looking for the optimal position for astronauts, so that at the moment of take-off, when large overloads are working, protect their organisms from working forces.


    Coverage High quality synthetic leather
    Dimensions in a sitting position approx. W 75 cm x height.116 cm x depth 110 cm
    Dimensions in the extended position approx. W 75 cm x height 90 cm x depth.182 cm
    Weight 68kg
    Maximum power consumption 160W
    Tension 230
    Warranty Assistance service Up to 5 years

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